3 January 2013

four cardinal virtues

"...Help us to be humble when we receive and joyful when we give.....Help us never to be imprisoned by the things we think we know, because we know so little about Fate, and may this lead us to behave impeccably, making use of the four cardinal virtues: boldness, elegance, love and friendship."

from Paulo Coelho's Blog 

I tghought that was beautiful but I don't really understand the meaning of last phrase. Does it mean by being imprisoned by the things we think we know, we will use the four cardinal virtues? That doesn't make sense to me!


Anonymous said...

I think it means that not allowing to be confined by the things we think we know, elements of exalted virtues would stand better chance of being given space to nurture a good character.

Thanks again for keeping up thoughtful and enjoyable to view series of posts.


Daisy said...

thanks a lot for clarification! That makes sense.

Thanks for the feedback :) I am glad you enjoy the posts :)