20 December 2012



Program of events:
05:00 Wake world population with air raid alarm
06:00 Entry of the Mayans
07:00 Entry of the aliens
08:00 Entry of the leaders of the G8 countries
09:00 Entry of the holy, martyrs, etc.
10:00 Hymn for the end of the world: "Highway to Hell"
10:30 Welcome speech by the Pope
11:45 Break for lunch
13:00 Meeting of the UN concerning the end of the world
15:00 Moment of silence
15:05 Start of the public ceremony
17:00 Buffet
18:00 Departure of the Mayans
19:00 Fireworks and soccer game - Brazil vs. the World
21:00 Ascension of Archangels and Angels
22:00 Closing ceremony, bar opens - FREE BEER
23:30 Distribution of 3D glasses
24:00 END OF THE WORLD (incl. "The Final Countdown")
Later - Aftershow Party

Source: I don't know!


radius said...

What a pitty I discovered your blog only recently. I think if I would have seen it earlier, it would have given me many inspiring moments.
Anyhow, when I browse through it in a random manner now, there are a lot of little gems, like this one about the "End of the World" ceremony. Wonderful sense of humor, very witty indeed.

Daisy said...

Hi Michael,
Thank you for the encouraging words. Your comment made my day which was Monday ;) but I was so busy that couldn't replay right away. This blog is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. And I'm just very happy that others find it enjoyable to read :))

radius said...

Hi Daisy, this very post about the "End of the World" celebration was the only one were I really regret to have seen it a bit too late (I mean to send it around on the occasion of last years hype). But fortunately, all other texts on your blog have a more eternal spirit.
regards, Michael

Daisy said...

Thanks :)