31 October 2012

Happy Halloween


I forgot to wear my annual Halloween Custom, which is red devil horn headband. Maybe this is a good thing since it was getting boring. I simply forgot it was Halloween today. That shows my excitement about the occasion or the fact that I spend too much thinking about unimportant stuff and ignore my priorities. If you celebrate Halloween and would like to go Trick-or-treating, watch this video. It will be helpful! Happy Halloween!

29 October 2012


I hate storm and I hate to be alone during storm. It feels like it is not only outside, behind the window. It is here, right inside me. I turn the music volume to maximum trying to avoid hearing it. 

27 October 2012

I so much dislike people who don't respect other faiths and religions. Everyone’s believes is respected to them. Yesterday was Eid Ghorban and although I don’t find myself a very religious person, I get so irritated by those who mock others...Grrrrr

23 October 2012


“Where should one use perfume?" a young woman asked. "Wherever one wants to be kissed.”
Coco Chanel

17 October 2012

Good game , Bad game

She makes some very interesting points about how to improve the quality of your life. I really like the way she communicate her message.

Presidential debate

Last night, I watched the presidential debate. That was the first time I was watching any types of political debate (i.e. I am not into politics) and surprisingly, I enjoyed it.
Now, if someone talks about binders full of women, I know what they are refereeing to ;) 

16 October 2012

Do you? Do you?

This song cracks me up. I can't stop listening to it

11 October 2012

Learning a new language

My grandmother was talking to my 2 year old nephew on the phone. He kept saying Helicopter, referring to the newest toy he got. After this phone conversation my grandmother told my sister why she was not teaching her son Farsi. She said "he is talking in Farsi. He just needs me to translate it for everyone."  :D

5 October 2012

Your body language shapes who you are

The Tube

Victoria Station

For someone who experienced the North American public transportation, London public transportation to me seemed to be sent from haven. At some point confusing and lack of good signage but overall it was great and they keep you entertain as well.

1 October 2012

One goes to London for Persian food, of course :)

 Persian table for two, Anar Persian Kitchen, Sept 2012

I  had short but a wonderful trip last week with my favourite chick, Aftab banu. I will write about different parts of trip here, hopefully regularly. The pictures in this post are taken by Aftab banu. When you go to London, you should visit Anar Persian Kitchen restaurant located at 349 Portobello Road, London W10 5SA. The food was just amazing.