19 September 2012

Daily dose of chocolate

I was offered some polish chocolate. It was the best thing ever.

18 September 2012

I enjoyed walking in the rain today :)

14 September 2012


I don’t get it! What is it with some Iranian guys?! I have played squash with different guys and the only ones who like to correct me or, as they put it, "help me to improve” are Iranian guys. I don’t mind to be corrected or get some tips but you are the same level as I am. What are you trying to prove?

13 September 2012

The Productive Mindset

After attending a workshop on Time Management, this is what I take with me:

1.I continuously look for ways to work smarter not harder. 

2.I believe that small adjustments can create big results. 

3.I turn bad days into good data. 

4.I strive to be productive; not busy.

12 September 2012


I do like guys wearning a tie... even more than men in uniform!

7 September 2012

5 September 2012

some colour in my kitchen

Some of my coffee mugs have found a new home in my kitchen. I need a larger board to contain my entire collection. 

I went to the Goodwill store and bought a copy of “My name is Red”.

4 September 2012


I feel disconnected from everyone and everything for a while. I crave my solitude and more and more I choice to be this way, the less social I have become. Therefore, this week, I have decided to email at least three friends per day and catch up with them. I will email those that I have not heard from for the past six months or so. Maybe this helps me to change my mood and also save some friendships.

3 September 2012