18 July 2012

MasterChef Australia

My new favourites TV show nowadays is MasterChef Australia. This show is about food and cooking plus it is exciting to watch. I am watching the last session now and I love the participants. I am amazed how nice they are to each other. It is refreshing to watch a reality/ competition show in which people are respectable and respectful of each other. It is about cooking and not the drama that participants may cause.


Deep Blue Sea said...

Hi Daisy

You know I never realized what you pointed out about Master chef Australia. This was because I thought it a bit weird that they use all the suspense music and attitude as if they are doing something heroic - the judges especially - and all they are doing is eating some food. But yeah I think like you said master chef at least has a real contest.

Deep Blue Sea

Daisy said...

To be honest, with all their cheesy attitude, still this is the only one show I actually want to be part of :D

Maman said...

I can see a huge difference between this one and US one. It is amazing how this show emphasizes on good wording and in the other show they want to be mean and talk in bad manner :( And then they say why the world doesn't like Americans!