20 July 2012

The Island of Research

I just loved this the first time I saw it. To all my researchers friends :)
First published in 1966, prepared by Dr. Ernest Harburg (University of Michigan) and Elaine Stallman, and drawn by William Brudon. 

19 July 2012

Picking the best blueberries!

Playing cards

Among other many emails I get every day, this one was interesting. The footnote said:
"Playing cards with designs inspired by Persian style, design and printing company Romanovsky De Larue & Co LTD,  London, about 1930s."

18 July 2012

MasterChef Australia

My new favourites TV show nowadays is MasterChef Australia. This show is about food and cooking plus it is exciting to watch. I am watching the last session now and I love the participants. I am amazed how nice they are to each other. It is refreshing to watch a reality/ competition show in which people are respectable and respectful of each other. It is about cooking and not the drama that participants may cause.

11 July 2012

How do we measure oursleve when the ruler is not a right one!

Unfortunately, many of us (and not only Iranians) are racist without knowing it. We won’t know until we, ourselves, are victim of racism. In some countries like Canada, racism is considered very negative and people can get into trouble for it. Racial or ethnic prejudice is often viewed as intolerant and narrow-minded. I didn’t know that until I lived in a multicultural country.  

I think many will agree with me that the measure of a man is not by the colour of his/her skin; we might all agree since this is something that we have been told over and over. However, when it comes to nationality, we think we are better than some other people. Why should matter if many many many years ago, my ancestors did belong to Aryan race (i.e. with all the conquering happened by Persian Emperor or the fact that Iran was invaded by many other nations, I would question this fact anyway). Why shouldn't we consider people (personalities) rather than where they are from.

Although sad but this article is very true. What I like about this article is looking at racism from two opposit angles. It opens the discussion about something that we never acknowledge. Why no one talks about this? What is the reason(s) for such attitude?

9 July 2012

Semi- Healthy Cookies

These chunky cookies are actually the "Prefect Cookies' and takes less than 30 min from start to end. I only replaces the chocolate chip with dry cranberries (you can also use raisins). Adding a bit of almond slices just makes them truly prefect and delicious.  

me: I feel so lazy today. I don't feel like going to the gym.
my friend: Have you ever gone to the gym and you regret it later?!

8 July 2012

All you need is love!

If you have not seen an amazing movie lately and you would like to watch one, try watching the Intouchables. Based on a true story, it is food for thoughts, warms your heart and makes you smile. It is one of those movies that brings you all sort of feelings; sadness, happiness, and gratefulness.