2 February 2012

Shawn Achor in TED TALK: The happy secret to better work

I encourage everyone to watch this video. The speaker is very funny and the content is very interesting; however, he speaks too fast. Anyway, I am thinking of trying this. I really need to change the way I think. I want to be happy.


Nargess said...

Thanks for sharing, awesome talk.

Shobeir said...

OK, Nazi jan let's get to more positive thinking style!
Will you marry me :D ?
(Before answering remember the lecture punch line and buzz word)!

Thank you for sharing this with us this awesome video!

Lotus said...

Very interesting last two minutes, with practical suggestions. I am going to try them too and see what happens.

Daisy said...

@Shobeir: I like that you are so persistent ;D

Daisy said...

@Lotus: Let me know how it goes. I have not been very successful so far to practising this.