3 October 2011

5K, Run for the Cure... DONE!

Talking about the colour of my bra was fun but I decided to do something different. Inspired by my boss and for personal fulfilment, yesterday, I ran 5K alongside many other people who were running for Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. I was a bit concerned that I couldn’t do it since I didn’t have time to train for it. This morning, I felt it in my legs but it feels great; the same great feeling when I reached the finish line.
All the runners/walkers will be given a piece of paper on which is written “I am running for...” and you are supposed to fill in the blank. I became quite overwhelmed as I was reading what everyone wrote. They were couple that were inspiring too. Among those this one stayed with me For because I can, so others can too.


Grumpy smurf said...

Azizam, you are such an inspiration! I am giga proud on you.
Love u

Daisy said...

LOL! If you ask my brother, I am a disgrace. We were supposed to train for this together. The poor guy was reporting to me every week that how fast he ran and everything, and I was telling him, great! I will do it tomorrow.
you are such a good friend, honey.

Lotus said...

Nice work done!

Daisy said...

thanks :)