9 July 2011

Rethinking what I call enjoyable


Couple of weeks ago OpenCulture posted an entry about a six-part series titled “How TV Ruined Your Life”. While I found it very ironic that there is a TV series talking about how bad TV is for our society and for individual growth, I couldn’t help but agreeing with Charlie Brooke, the program host. For someone who does not own a TV and has no plan to get one, but still follows her favourite programs online, I can see his point. He has a very sarcastic tone, somewhat depressing, throughout the series. However, I recommend everyone watching this series.

So far, I have watched couple of them and my intent is to watch them all. The one that stood out for me was the one on the topic of LOVE. Aside from being very creative and having the element of wittiness all throughout the program, I thought this is food for thoughts. I asked myself how I define the concept of LOVE. To be honest I do not know. I know I don’t believe in “love at first sight”. I do not believe in soulmate and I do not believe love is enough to keep two people together for their rest of their lives. What I believe is that human is not meant to live alone. We all need someone to grow old with. Then I started to evaluate my own love life. Should I stop watching those chick flick movies that I enjoy the most? I have no idea if unconsciously those movies affect me and change my expectation about what I want to know as love.

"Warning: How TV Ruined Your Life contains harsh language that would not be appropriate for work. "


Grumpy smurf said...

so true, but I would never give up of jane austen :)

Daisy said...

oh man!!! I forgot about Jane Austen!!!