24 July 2011

My aunt’s visit

Some relatives are as precious as family members. One of those people is one of my mom’s aunts. I love her and her whole family dearly. She is only couple of years older than my mom and her daughter is my age. We almost grew up together. Couple of months ago a relative called my mom from Iran and told her she wants to come to Canada for a visit. This news made my mom very happy particularly when she came up with the idea of calling her aunt and ask her to take advantage of this opportunity and come to Canada with that relative. My mom’s aunt has never travelled by herself, she doesn’t speak English, and the idea of coming to Canada was just terrifying. After my mom and her kids insisted on her visit, she finally agreed to apply for Canadian visa along with that relative. After couple of months, she called my mom to tell her that she was the only one who got the visa.

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linus said...

After all you just wanted to see her :D