20 July 2011

Moving time again

My parents are moving after 11 years. This might not be that long for some people who live all their lives in one home but for my parents that is a long time. While they were in Iran, the average time they stayed in the same house was 2 years, the longest was 5 years. But things are different on the other side of the pond. They do not know as many people as they used to back in Iran. Just by one phone call, we had many helpers who would come over to move our stuff to the new place with pleasure. Here, you have to call in advance, book movers, and then everything is a lot more costly.

I am visiting my family and sort of helping them with the move (I am not sure how helpful I am thought). However, it has not been the smoothest move ever since they have been renovating the new house and it is not finished! The kitchen is half done. The new bathroom was not functioning at the beginning. Thank God it was nothing serious, things are still in boxes and you can’t really find anything around here. Before I came, my brother warned me that it was a big mess. And I responded; Well! It just gonna be like your bedroom... He laughed and now I know it is nothing like his bedroom :)


linus said...

I really like the story telling ability that you have... Specially the last couple of lines were witty! Those kind of dialogues are the reason behind my long longing for a smart sister :D

Daisy said...

Thank you so much!! You motivated me to write more stories :))