13 July 2011

I need to vent !!

It is not cool to use someone else’s hair comb with or without their permission. When I think our future doctors might not understand simple rules for personal hygiene, I feel a cold shiver running through my body. How can I deal with this now? How do I put positive spin to this experience? I mean having annoying person around me. 


Nargess said...

Just tell her/him you do not appreciate them using your stuff. Do not keep it inside.

Lotus said...

Cut his/her hair very very short in sleep :) LOL
But seriously, I agree with Nargess, talk about it directly and openly, don't let it bother you from inside

Daisy said...

LOL!!! the best comment ever :D
Thanks to you both. Yes, I will have a talk with her tonight for sure.

Grumpy smurf said...

and there it goes my lovely blond hair :))