22 June 2011


I am going through a very bad phase for the past few days. Every little thing annoys me. For example, I can’t stand receiving these messages on Facebook in Spanish. There is this group of Spanish speaking friends who are too insensitive to other people in the group. They carry a discussion on facebook in Spanish. I never asked to be part of your stupid discussion but if you see my name among others who are receiving your messages, be courteous and write in freaking English.
So what I did this morning, I wrote in Farsi to the whole group and I am the only one who understands Farsi. The sad part is, so far there was only one person who got it. Someone wants to know what I wrote and there was another person who continues writing in Spanish!!!
I need to keep my distance from people before I say stuff that hurt others.


Lotus said...

that was a funny thing to do :) There should be some way to "ignore" that group in FB?

Seriously, I feel what you are saying ... maybe take a day off and go to a short trip, or do something very unusual and see if that changes your mood.

Hope you feel better soon, Daisy jaan!

Daisy said...

I kinda know what hell is wrong with me. I am waiting to hear about renewing my contract. It has been awhile; I am out of patience and very stressed.

Grumpy smurf said...

Azizam, try to relax (I know is hard). I am sure you will hear positive news soon. And for Spanish speaking gang, filter it!

(Mr.) khadem said...

Hi Daisy! I'm from Iran and often read your blog. I enjoy viewing many of your posts. Thanks for the nice songs/clips you share.

I think it's natural to feel frustrated by the Spanish comments. Fortunately we can be quite direct when addressing ppl's lack of prudence on the net. How about if had written them most ppl did not speak Spanish or just overlooked their indiscretion altogether? But that was funny you left comments in Farsi. They must have gotten the point :)

Daisy said...

Thanks for your encouraging words. I am glad you like my blog :)