21 May 2011

On Love

“Love is when you are thinking … “how can I make you happy?” Attachment is when you are thinking … “why aren’t you making me happy?”      -by Dzogchen Ponlop

I realize that this is debatable specially if you are opposed to the philosophy of Buddhism, over acceptance and true lack of selfishness. However, at this moment this is the only thing that calms me down and helps me keep my sanity. I just realized that maybe my definition for philosophy of Buddhism is not that accurate.


Deep Blue Sea. said...

U want a reason to be +ve?

Here it is - U live in canada - away from all the nnsens of 3rd wrld. U hav tis opportunity of being abl to mak a lif ther becom a citizen and all.

I read ur posts. I hav vry smilar isues. Bt 1 thng u got goin fr urself - U liv n a gud cuntry.

m nt evn sur if i wl b abl 2 gt out of tis. U hd brain to do study Msters. My brain has PTSD and OCD. So Mster stdies prbly nt psible. I m thnkin hw am I gona gt outta here

U ned 2 luk at tis +ve. it is +ve 2 luk at ur situatn frm wher i m sittin.

BTW long time.
Hw do u do ?

Deep Blue Sea.

Daisy said...

Dear Blue Deep Sea,
I really didn’t mean for this post to come as if I am ungrateful for who I am or where I am. I am dealing with some issues in my life and I am trying to choose the best option. I think the post was too abstract for anyone to be able to analyze it. I am a bit careful of what I write here. I know it is anonymous but it is still out there for anyone to read.
It is always nice to hear from you :)

Deep Blue Sea said...

Hey Daisy -

Check these out - I thought these songs were nice





Deep Blue Sea.

Lotus said...

Daisy jaan,
Thanks for sharing the quote, I really liked it. I just want to add, we need a source for our love, so we cannot be a giver all the time, we need to receive love too ... this is more difficult and feels very vulnerable to ask for love!

I trust whatever your situation is you will be able to handle it and more importantly learn from it ...