26 April 2011

21 April 2011

Happy Souls

Make sure your soul is happy.

"One fine day
I was enjoying with my family, having a good meal
They commented on my singing the same song all the time
But it's my feel good song, my song of love
Because my soul is happy and my life like a bouquet of flowers

My life is changing
I don't know where it's headed
But as long as I'm singing
I can toss aside all that is bad."

18 April 2011

Annoying conversations

-Bijan died.
--Who is Bijan?
-You don’t know Bijan, the famous menswear designer! He was one of the most famous designers of all time. His designs are so expensive that only the politician and celebrities can afford it.
--Do I look like someone who can afford his designs? Or someone who cares about brand names?
-No, I just brought it up because he was an Iranian and I am proud to see if an Iranian is successful.

Every time, I have conversations about stuff like this or those chain emails about successful Iranians stop by my inbox, I can’t help wondering, are those people actually proud to be Iranian?!

5 April 2011

A reminder


By Neil Pasricha: The 3 A’s of awesome. Thanks Lotus for posting it. I needed to hear it again.

It seems that I have started a new youtube series.

2 April 2011

Back to square one with a broken heart! But I always do what is right. That is my problem.

1 April 2011

A: Life sucks!
B: Life doesn't suck becuase we have each other.
A: mmm.. you are right and I guess as long as you and your love ones are healthy everything else will be all right.