8 March 2011

To Great Women

Who are those great women out there?

Great women to me are those who raised/are raising responsible, kind-hearted men; the men who stand by their women, respect them, and love them; the men who see far more important traits in women than just physical beauty. Those women value gender equality and compassion and they pass that on to the next generation. I believe it is the most dreadful thing for a mother to learn that her son is a womaniser, abusive, or simply he left his family for another woman. What I can’t understand are those women who actually encourage that behaviour.

So, Happy International Women’s Day to those truly great women who are the foundation of humanity!


linus said...

So, hi mom :-)
(btw couldn't agree more with your post...).
Happy 8th of March and please try to be nicer to us :-)

Daisy said...

I know I have a natural talent to irritate guys. But I will try harder to be nicer to them if they let me ;)