13 December 2010


Sept 2010

Some people might argue that time is valuable because when it passes, you will never get it back. However, to me, time is valuable because potentially it provides answers to many different issues we have to face or obstacles we have to overcome in our lives. Yes, time is a tricky thing. I have to give it some time until I will be able to cope, recover, forgive, or to forget.
When you are grieving the loss of a loved one, you might think that the pain will never go away. It will takes time but eventually there will be a day that you can think back and the thought of that person will bring a smile in your face instead of tears in your eyes.
When you get hurt emotionally, you might think that you will never get over it. But overtime, the pain and the heartbreak will go away.
It is only with time that you get to know yourself and others better. Time is the gateway to this hidden knowledge about relationships; the relationship between you and you and the relationship between you and others. It is with time that you will come to your senses and get your act together. It is about time that I come to my senses before it affects my entire life.


Lotus said...

Very interesting point, thanks for sharing!

Grumpy smurf said...

Jigar jaan, please send me email with details...I hope all is well...cmok