15 November 2010

It must be a sign!

If you live anywhere close to Canada, the terms like ice storm, snow tires, anti-rust coating for cars, and etc... are not foreign to you. Winter is here and before the first snow hits, I need to get my things in order. Last weekend was the day for seasonal change of tires. I needed to get 4 snow tires out of the storage, take them into my car, drive to a place where they could do it for me because when it comes to cars, I am helpless. Watching one neighbour changing his own car’s tires, I wished I had a man in my life to help me out in these situations. I was not very happy to do it myself and I didn’t really want to ask my guy friends to help me out either. Since I really didn’t expect the situation to get any worst, I was just cursing my bad luck. When I got the first tire out and took it to the elevator, I discovered that the elevator was out of order. I ended up carrying all four tires individually to the car, taking the stairs.

Lesson learned: be grateful, as long as you are healthy enough to do your own things. You don't want to loss the elevator!!


Nava said...

Haha! Absolutely love your conclusion...which is so true :)

Hopeful said...

Yes, thank goodness we are capable of doing what we need to do, both financially and health-wise!

Your post inspired me to finally go order the 4 new tires I have been postponing to buy. I have to change my car tires this year and was debating just going to a shop and let them sell it to me more expensively or order it online and then have them installed. Initially I was thinking it would be hard to drag 4 tires by myself, but I guess it cannot be worse than what happened to you, or hopefully not!

Daisy said...

I am so happy that you, ladies, found both humour and inspiration in this post :)