24 November 2010

As I was wondering in one of the stores in the mall this evening, when I overheard one of the sale person asking the other one, “Is there the fake Santa, downstairs in the mall?” Then, she went on and explained that the fake Santa was there to take pictures with the kids.
I didn’t say anything but wondered what did she mean when she said fake Santa!


Grumpy smurf said...

I wish I have such worries ;))

Deep Blue Sea said...

Hi Daisy

My comment was not at all aimed at you .And the post most certainly did not annoy me or anything.

Well what I meant was simple. I meant I don't like insensitive people. People who don't think over the consequences their actions or words will have on other people.

These people usually have a thick skin and zero Emotional intelligence.

Also they have an exaggerated sense of their own importance and capabilities. That's why the word 'ignorance' .
I believe a person who is not ignorant will strive to earn a place in this world. Like say Obama or Chris Gardner{Pursuit of Happyness} or Lincoln or Gandhi. These are great people but very simple.

On the other hand you have some of these dumb Hollywood "Stars" {not all } or the sold out republican D$#K Heads who act like each one is the most important and perfect person.

Hehehe. Now you must be annoyed with this long comment.

Daisy said...

Oh good!
That is what is missing when you are correspnding via writing all the time. You don’t get to know the tone of the voice and the body language. I couldn’t really tell what you were thinking by your comment. Thanks for claification.

I agree with what you said there but I am not sure if I have enough fait in politicians including Obama! Also, if you know anyone from India, you should talk to them about Gandhi. Some of them have different view of him. It does not match what non-Indians think of Gandhi.

Deep Blue Sea said...

Hi Daisy,

I used the examples so I can get through to you what I meant.

I was talking about people amongst common men. I used the famous people as examples.

Also,I agree with you not having enough faith in someone of stature of Obama. But we must also consider the severe limitations under which he is probably working. Special interests work against him overtime and they are powerful. He has to negotiate best possible deal because a perfect deal is difficult.

I feel all things considered, we still must not forget good things about the world. And these good things have a lot to do with the work of people like Lincoln or Gandhi, despite their shortcomings or Mandela - who himself admitted he is no saint.

By the way Daisy, I know many from India. But that's only because I am Indian myself :-) . Didn't you know that ?

Yes I have heard about some stuff on Gandhi too. But I have not really probed enough to comment. Honestly speaking, I haven't probed on good stuff I heard about him either. Neither Lincoln or anyone. :-)

Daisy said...

Deep Blue Sea, my apology.
Because most of my readers are Iranians, I assumed you were Iranian as well. You have never mentioned about your nationality.
Have a great week :)