31 October 2010

So what now?

I finished worked  at 5 pm on Sunday evening. When I left, I asked myself, what should I do now? Who should I go to? I am fed up with being by myself. I am really fed up!

27 October 2010

Book recommendations pleaseee

I am desperately looking for a good book to read. I rather read a fiction because it takes me longer to finish a non-fiction and I have enough serious stuff to read during the day that I need some easy read when I get home. I appreciate any suggestion particularly those books that are your favourites. 

26 October 2010


After more than one year, I went to yoga again. I really enjoyed it. They always keep reminding you to breathe.
Take a deep breath for your mind, one for your body, and the last one for your soul. Then, thank your body for the opportunity to do so.

24 October 2010

I need something to make me feel good about myself...

23 October 2010

My sacred place

On campus, there is a concrete building, hated by many people, because they believe it is ugly. I go there time to time for meetings and such. Every time instead of taking elevators, I take the emergency stairway. The whole thing is made of cement (wall, ceiling, and stairs). It is usually cooler than outside and it smells musty. It is more like the smells of the first few drops of rain. I love that emergency stairway. I always take my time when I am there. It reminds me of very old cob houses in Isfahan. My mom always says they used to spray the walls with water to recreate the same smell.

18 October 2010

Free online courses

I'm thinking of doing some of these courses.

15 October 2010

13 October 2010

The life before us

“Monsieur Hamil had often told me that Time comes slowly from the desert with its camel caravans and isn’t in any hurry because it’s carrying eternity on its back. But Time is always nicer to talk about than to see on the face of an old man who’s sinking a little more every day, and if you want my honest opinion Time is just a thief.”
                                                        The life before us by Romain Gary

12 October 2010

'The best things come in small packages'

I can appreciate the life for little but delightful surprises, silly complements, and small successes.  

10 October 2010

Another note about life in general

I told him one of my regrets in life is that I rushed to graduate when I was an undergrad. I even worked every summer in a lab just to improve my resume and gain more experience in my field. I graduated with a very outstanding  resume. I never thought of going abroad as an exchange student just because I knew it would take longer for me to finish. You are still young and you have so much time to be able to consider stuff like this.

He didn’t say much but the third person replied. You know it is still not too late for you either. Don’t just sit here and think about your past. In a few years, you might think that you had the chance to travel and work abroad today and you missed it.

What I heard resonated with me and opened my eyes to some possibilities that I didn’t want to consider. I shouldn’t just wait for my life to start. It has been already started.

9 October 2010

It’s another Turky Day in Canada. I am visiting my family and it seems they are happy about this.  My brother is bird-sitting a Cockatiel for a firend. This French bird is enjoying some Iranian music so do I.

Happy Thanksgiving!

7 October 2010

On a + note

Even from the bright rising sun
The moon that has playfully spun
We learn love, joy, and even fun
Before our time’s sand has run.

                         Omar Khayam

6 October 2010

The secret of the heart

"Poetry is what is gained in translation." by Joseph Brodsky

As requested by my dear friend, GS, I have decided to translate the lyrics of this song. Please help me to improve the translation, as I am not very good in these sort of things.

Singer : Alireza Ghorbani
Music: Homayoon Khoram
Lyrics: Bahador Yeganeh

You, disloyal friend, hear the secret of my heart.
Do not be deceived by my silence.
Be aware of my calmness. 

You, my companion, open your eyes.
Look at my state.
See my pain.
Do not ignore it.

Tonight that you are next to me.
And you empathize with me.
Stay with me until daylight.

My tears, go away.
Do not hinder my view when I want to see her.

My crazy heart is not familiar with anything but kindness; I take God as my witness.
My heart becomes like a homeless bird with no refuge; I take God as my witness.
I am like that cloud ….
My painful tears are evidence of my despair; I take God as my witness.

You, disloyal friend, hear the secret of my heart.
Do not be deceived by my silence.
Be aware of  my calmness.

You, my companion, open your eyes.
Look at my state.
See my pain.
Do not ignore it.

5 October 2010

My co-pilot

I don’t want to fly solo anymore*. I might get used to it. I might become too independent that when he comes along, I don’t let him in. It is amazing how we, human, get use to anything.

After over a year, I have decided to share my apartment with someone else. She moved in yesterday. I don’t know her but I felt wired the whole day. I was the type of person who had so many different roommates over the years. I didn’t know any of them until I moved in or they moved in. I don’t say all living arrangements went smoothly or there weren't challenges but with some, we ended up to be very good close friends. I hope I revert back to be the same easy-going person that once I was. She is from Peru and seems nice.

*borrowed from HIMYM