4 August 2010


I wish everything works out for you sooner than later.
I wish your heart warms up with other people’s kindness.
I wish if you are longing for someone, you see them soon.
I wish you a peace of mind and a good health.


Grumpy smurf said...

there was a song back home which was going somehow like this:
I asked God for strength, but he made me weak in order to be modest and humble.
I asked for his help so I could do great things, but he made me little so I could do good deeds.
I prayed for good fortune (so I could live happy and carefree), but he made me poor but I was wise, independent and free.
I prayed for all the things of this world to enjoy life, but he gave me a life that I can enjoy things.
I did not get anything I was looking for, but I got everything that was good for me.

I loved and enjoyed your prayers and I hope they will be heard!

Daisy said...

This is just beautiful. I love it. Can I find the orginal song on youtube?

Anonymous said...

I think i got a lot of things that i asked God and now i dont ask for specific anymore; i ask god to give whatever is better and not what i think is good ( most of the times :)