23 August 2010

Positive vibes

Like most people, I have some friends that are no longer in my life for different reasons. Also, I have some virtual friends who stopped blogging and I don't hear from them anymore. I miss some of them very much specially those that provided me with all sort of positive energy. It was my ritual to start my day by reading their blogs and telling myself today is a better day than yesterday. 
Today, I was like a tiny drop of water in hot oil for many reasons most of which should not really concern me. Reading this post made all the difference. I want to find more people like this who spread the positive energy around.    


او said...

hi Daisy! I think it was a nice coincidence! I just come to write something in myblog! about this sad atmospher of blogfa and gooder and also my friends blogs and even sometimes my own blog! and to write that im just missing the blogs which have enriched my days by their writers energy and...and( I think I wrote the whole post here!:) ) thanks for the post you shared dear, thank you

Daisy said...

Dear Ou!
Go ahead and write this on your blog. Don't let my post stop you :)
You can share that with more people specially with those who follow your blog.
and thank you for leaving a sweet comment like this :)

Lotus said...

I cannot speak for others, but in my experience, sometimes I go through really difficult phases that makes it quite hard to stay positive!

BTW, I was reading a very interesting article in Psychology Today, Oct 2010, about introverts and social pressure for positivity. It has some good insights :)

Daisy said...

could u please send me the citation? I am interested in reading it.