11 August 2010

Hypertexting plus bad manners

This is what one of my good friends wrote to me when I asked her how her house hunting went. "House hunting has been slow. I saw a 1 room in a 2 bdrm apt on Tuesday which was nice but the roommate was a hypertexter (sent me 7 text messages in less than 3 hours), her mother comes over and rearranges the furniture and her cell phone was constantly beeping while I was at the apt....ha ha ha ha. She was really nice but she would have driven me crazy with the technology!" 
While I found this very funny, it is kind of sad that some of us doing this as if it is acceptable social manners. How do we might feel when we are talking to someone and the third person interrupts the conversation. And how rude it is that the person actually stop talking to you to deal with the third person.   

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