8 August 2010

How they sell themselves

“Some people lift a finger and the way they describe it as if they have accomplished the most challenging task known to human kind. During this communication, they are others who become so influence by their description that they do believe that lifting a finger is and will be truly the most challenging task ever.” This is what one of my friends once told me and I totally agree with her. This is sad that we let people’s talking and speeches affect us to this level.


Anonymous said...

now the question is how can we not get effected by these people?(I really would like to know)
I know lots of these type of people. I got to know them after some times and what i really like to do is telling the whole world who they really are but they will use the same stratrgy to prove they are not (it is a cycle)

right now i am getting frustrated by even thinking about them

Daisy said...

there is a lot of wisdom in each and every comments you left here :))

Grumpy smurf said...

I think we should learn from them!

Daisy said...

the question is how?