29 August 2010

I want to be with a man who loves to spoil me...

23 August 2010

Positive vibes

Like most people, I have some friends that are no longer in my life for different reasons. Also, I have some virtual friends who stopped blogging and I don't hear from them anymore. I miss some of them very much specially those that provided me with all sort of positive energy. It was my ritual to start my day by reading their blogs and telling myself today is a better day than yesterday. 
Today, I was like a tiny drop of water in hot oil for many reasons most of which should not really concern me. Reading this post made all the difference. I want to find more people like this who spread the positive energy around.    

It is all about being visionary

Is it too much to ask that I expect leadership form my boss? I don’t want her to send me an email that the content has something to do with the dismantled drinking fountain on main floor. I want her to discuss the vision of the new Dean and how this might affact us and how we should plan to align our goals with his.

17 August 2010

a word in Spanish

and there's a word in Spanish I don't understand
but I heard it in a film one time spoken by the leading man
he said it with devotion, he sounded so sincere
and the words he spoke in Spanish brought the female lead to tears
a word in Spanish, a word in Spanish ...
... when manners make no difference
and my gifts all lay undone
I trade my accent in on chance
and fall back on a foreign tongue ~
Elton John

I wanted to post this back in Aug. I can't remember why I never diid!

16 August 2010

Our society

The reality is our society has a tremendous effect in shaping our thoughts and believes. Some of these influences are so subtle to recognize, let alone to acknowledge. I know of someone who is always interesting to listen to. She has one of those personalities who can engage any audience. She is educated, knowledgeable, and a traveler. She has traveled almost every corner of Iran. She is also a firm believer of women’s right and equity. I knew her for couple of months and always admired her for her personality until something happened that made me change my mind about her completely. When two of our mutual friends (both Iranian) started dating, she expressed a shocking opinion about the new couple. The girl was 2 years older than the guy, 33 and 31 years old, and apparently this should be a deal breaker for any couples who are considering a serious relationship. She talked a lot to the guy, letting him know that he could do better and she can help her to meet someone better. According to her, he had the chance to date someone much younger than himself. After couple of months, the couple, both who were good friends of mine, broke up...

I always wonder how she could pretend to be so open minded but behave so differently. It is like as if she contradicted all I have ever heard from her. Why men should marry someone much younger than themselves? Is it all about having children and reproduction? Is that all about the looks and beauty and how long it lasts? Don’t they understand that a 30 something woman can be wiser than 20 something woman. If they are considering having someone as the mother of their children, isn’t it better for their children to be raised by someone wiser and probably more mature. This friend thinks a man is entitled to have a much younger wife (for any reasons that are beyond my comprehension). I wonder how much her society had to do with this way of thinking. Whether I like it or not, I don’t have the right to divorce my husband in Iran. I can’t keep my children after the divorce because they belong to their father and if he dies, I do not deserve to inherit the same amount of money as my children. Even my daughters inherit less than my sons. These roles provide the man with an entitlement in today’s Iran society. A husband might love his wife but it is all about entitlement and the way he has been thought (by society and family) to treat a woman and this is also true for the way a woman might think about men.

p.s. I apologize if this post is offensive to anyone. My intentions are not bad. This is just a reflection on what I read here. Certainly, I am not trying to generalize here. (e.g. My dad is an Iranian man (born and raised in Iran) and I never think there is better guy than him in the world.)

15 August 2010

This is what he sings (sort of) : "Something in the quiet of the night
I stay there imagining both of us
trying to put together the past, the present and the future...
I am feeling so lonely
I am not and don't want to be your "owner"
I have my secrete desires and plans.."

11 August 2010

Hypertexting plus bad manners

This is what one of my good friends wrote to me when I asked her how her house hunting went. "House hunting has been slow. I saw a 1 room in a 2 bdrm apt on Tuesday which was nice but the roommate was a hypertexter (sent me 7 text messages in less than 3 hours), her mother comes over and rearranges the furniture and her cell phone was constantly beeping while I was at the apt....ha ha ha ha. She was really nice but she would have driven me crazy with the technology!" 
While I found this very funny, it is kind of sad that some of us doing this as if it is acceptable social manners. How do we might feel when we are talking to someone and the third person interrupts the conversation. And how rude it is that the person actually stop talking to you to deal with the third person.   
I don’t know why I come across as a very strong person to some people. I want to tell them, I can also be as insecure and helpless as other people. I think this is something that all people have in common to some extent.

9 August 2010

8 August 2010

How they sell themselves

“Some people lift a finger and the way they describe it as if they have accomplished the most challenging task known to human kind. During this communication, they are others who become so influence by their description that they do believe that lifting a finger is and will be truly the most challenging task ever.” This is what one of my friends once told me and I totally agree with her. This is sad that we let people’s talking and speeches affect us to this level.

4 August 2010


I wish everything works out for you sooner than later.
I wish your heart warms up with other people’s kindness.
I wish if you are longing for someone, you see them soon.
I wish you a peace of mind and a good health.

3 August 2010

Under the Tuscan Sun

"Between Austria and Italy, there is a section of the Alps called the Semmering. It is an impossibly steep, very high part of the mountains. They built a train track over these Alps to connect Vienna and Venice. They built these tracks even before there was a train in existence that could make the trip. They built it because they knew some day, the train would come."

Being single

I think the problem with being single is that anywhere you go, you see couples, hand in hand, walking around. Today, I was standing on the side walk, waiting for the traffic light to go green. A jeep stopped in front of me. I could see a couple through the car’s window cross the street from where I was standing.

2 August 2010

Yesterday, as I was sitting in the train on my way back, I remembered that last year this time, I was flying to my new city. If I work harder and hang in there for another two years, then I can move to somewhere better.

When the meaning of a word goes beyond its linguistic uses

I had an interesting discussion with some friends recently. We were talking about  some offensive words in particular language and how meaningless they can be in other languages. For example, in French Quebecers, Tabarnac, literally meaning “tabernacle”, a cupboard for the Blessed Sacrament  in the Catholic church (I think), is a curse word. Quebecers used to be very religious people and ,therefore, the religious words are taboo and if they are used, it considered swearing. There are so many similar examples like this in French (Canadian version). Now, try to apply this in Farsi. As one of my friend suggested, if you call someone amameh, meaning turban, it is not only offensive but funny.

On a slightly different note, when you are trying to be affectionate, the language that you are most comfortable with always rules. I know of a young couple; the woman is Mexican and the man is from Quebec. When they first met, they always spoke Spanish. Now that the woman is fluent in French, Spanish is still the romantic language in their home. She told me they even tried to speak French couple of times but 'I love you' in French, Je t'aime, is not the same as 'te amo', in Spanish.