31 July 2010

the Art of Choosing

"Poetry is what is gained in translation." by Joseph Brodsky

Sitting on my bookshelf, the Art of Choosing, the book is waiting to be read. I bought it couple of weeks ago based on a friend recommendation. I even read the first 3 pages and I loved it. Yesterday, my brother sent me the link to this TED talk. Choice is a very interesting topic and it is even more interesting when you look at it from different cultural point of views.


shobeir said...

thanks... this is an awesome speech! The only question is do you choose Ballet slippers or Adorable :D ?

Daisy said...

since some of us are going for the 3rd option, I am gonna choose Sangria red ;)

Grumpy smurf said...

hm? What are you talking about guys??

Daisy said...

long story! I tell you tomorrow over the phone :)

shobeir said...

A very wise comment Daisy jan!
And btw, the Sangria red is among my favorite colours! ;-)