28 June 2010

Dating a friend

Now I think, it is a mistake to risk a perfectly good friendship for romance. Not everyone has the ability to forgive and forget. Not everyone retains only the good memories. Not everyone understands the value of a strong friendship which made you cross the friendship line in the first place. Not everyone realizes that sharing history with someone makes you who you are. It is hard for me to believe that some good friendships are ruined because of romance. That circle of friends will never be the same.


shobeir said...

Well, I'm afraid that is not totally true. I guess this romance is like a test for friendships. If it is actually and purely and truly a friendship even after an unsuccessful romantic relationship things will, at least eventually, go back to normal. And if the group shattered and the friendship ruined, they were not worth being in them in the first place!

Daisy said...

That's why I called it risking friendship. When people are emotionally involved they can be very vulnerable and they might say very hurtful things that they normally won't say.
It is ideal that if the relationship doesn't work they learn to be friends again and cherish the good memories they shared but not everyone can do that.
Some people make great friends but that doesn't mean they can make good life partners.

آنا said...

سلام ديزي جان و ممنون از اون لينك خيلي به درد من خورد بقيه ي مامانا ي مدرسه رو نميدونم اينجا فقط با يه مشت فرمول ميخوان بچه رو هل بدن تيزهوشان همين.
يه دوست خوب شايد نتونه يك شريك زندگي خوبي باشه ولي يك همراه و همدم زندگي خوب حتما يك دوست فوق العاده هم هست البته خب مشخصه كه اين وسط عشق وعلاقه كاتاليزور اين رابطه خواهد بودكه به اندازه اش خوبه .شاد وسلامت باشي

Daisy said...

آنا جان، چیزی که منو خیلی ناراحت میکنه اینکه، یک سری از پدر مادرهای ایرانی فقط می خواهان که بچه هاشون تیز هوشان بروند یا رشته خاصی تو دانشگاه قبول بشند تا انها بتواند پوز بدهن. تو همه چیز رقابت بی معنا میکنند.