15 June 2010

After one week, I am back to work and found myself with tons of emails that I have to respond too. Of course, this was not a surprise. But what I found amazing was three familiar names in my inbox. An old classmate sent an email to three of us and two more emails went back and forth from the other two.  We never communicated through work emails. I just realized how much I missed them. How much I missed working with them on projects. Three of us are working in Canada but in three different provinces and the last one working in U.S. None of us are even in the same time zone. Last year at this time none of us knew where we would be in a year. None of us knows where we will be next year. Sometimes I think I ran from uncertainty my whole life by planning short term and long term every single day. The truth is we always live an uncertain life. So let’s just live it for now without a fight without hesitation and without regrets.     

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