7 April 2010

without a title

Today, I met with a friend who started her new job on Monday. She had pretty rocky relationship with her former boss. Let say her boss had some serious issues. I don’t want to go into details because it’s not important here. Anyway, I asked how her new job had been and she replied no one has yelled at her or insulted her so far. We laughed and I expressed my disappointment that how low our standards or our expectation had gone that we were happy just to be treated the way a normal person should be treated and we didn’t even think beyond that. She agreed with me.
Why we put up with some monsters. Why we agree to be treated less than we deserve. Why we let people to be disrespectful toward us. And worst of all why some of us think this is acceptable. There are so many reasons why we let ourselves to be treated badly. I agree sometimes the situation is beyond our control but what hurts me to discover is that some of us think having no rights for our own is normal.
I salute my friend for standing up for herself, for having the courage to say NO when she did. To those of you who can’t say NO for some reason, that is all right too. I have been there myself but that does not make the situation acceptable.
And why on earth would one think one might miss to be treated badly?

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