16 April 2010

I wish the world was flat. I wish we where in the same time zone. I wish the earth was smaller. I wish we were closer. Life would be much easier and more enjoyable. My heart is in pieces literally and each piece is with someone somewhere.


shobeir said...

I have nothing to do with earth's state! I just want my loved ones be close enough! Ermmm also I would like Croatia to be nearer to Iran :D

Daisy said...

If we both pull Croatia toward ourselves, I'm sure I am the one who wins. So, Coratia has a better chance to get closer to Canada and not Iran ;) sorry!

آنا said...

اينكه زمين چه شكلي باشه هيچ فرقي به حال دلتنگي هاي ما نميكنه اما دقيقا ميتونم حالتو درك كنم.صبور باش

Grumpy smurf said...

oh guys, you are so nice!
I wish same things Daisy jaan! and I have the same problem. I am like a chicken wishing all my loved ones are close to me.
Shobeir jaan, I wish you can visit one day and my dream is to do same thing :)
Kisses to both!