3 March 2010

I need to vent!!

Nothing is more valuable that learning new things. I am sure everyone agrees with me on this. But my problem is why people pretend to know everything. If you have the world's knowledge, there is noting left for you to learn. Next time that you think you should be embarrassed about not knowing something, remind yourself that others might not be as judgmental as you think they are. There is no shame in asking a question but I pity you if it comes a day that you ask that question and after getting the answer, start pretending you knew it all along. Insecurity is not an attractive trait.


Dead said...

Sima used to complain that Iranian women are like this, even when they ask something and get the answer, they pretend they had already known it :) appears to be very common trait!

Daisy said...

This is my theory;
Some, and I say some because I don't think it is fair to generalize, Iranian women (as Sima mentioned) are like that. and some Iranian men never ask because they always pretend they know it!