31 January 2010

Viva Barcelona!

The Sagrada Familia viewed from Casa Mila, Barcelona, Spain

It is the last day of January already but I am ready to publish a new post on my wish list travel destinations. Nothing is better than traveling but what makes traveling memorable is the companionship and your fellow travelers. As much as I enjoy my independence and solitude (sometimes), I do not enjoy traveling by myself. I have done that already and it is no fun because I want to share the good times with good friends and people I love. I started thinking about traveling to Barcelona when a friend told me about this amazing city. What will make this trip even more exciting and special is that she suggested we should go together. I can't stop dreaming.
p.s. Never under estimate the power of written dreams!

27 January 2010

"Lead like the great conductors" TED talk

Random notes

  • I have been spending --way-- too much time watching Frasier and less time writing here. There is also one paper which must be finished by Saturday and I'm sitting here procrastinating ... oh dear, I thought now that I am not student anymore, I should not be worried about this bad habit. 
  • I am convinced that my recent  mood swings and obsessive eating is as a result of Vitamin D deficiency (or lack of sunshine). It is ironic that this has never been an issue while I was living in Vancouver!  
  • "Pigeons have no respect for public art." Niles Cranes      

24 January 2010

Picturing the Past 10 Years

The trends and events that dominated the past decade in icons and buzzwords in the NY Times.

20 January 2010

It has been 20 years since Hayedeh passed away. May she rest in peace.

19 January 2010

Today's report

a nice cup of tea
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My boss is leaving for another position. No one saw that was coming!
and I am still waiting for those three guys...
and now sitting here, sipping my tea, and try to get some work done. 

15 January 2010

"There is not a thin line between love and hate. There is, in fact, a Great Wall of China with armed sentries posted every twenty feet between love and hate." Dr. House*

* I don't watch this TV serise but one of my dearest/loveliest friends does. I borrowed this from her Facebook status.

13 January 2010


Is it really necessary to be that reckless with someone's heart, specially if that person thinks of you as a friend? Is your heart that small that you cannot have enough room for more than one friend? I am sorry for myself that your behaviour caused me that much pain and disappointment...  

10 January 2010


I have been meaning to write this post for three days now but I didn’t have time. I want to send two messages out by this post.

The year 2010 started with one of the most controversial breast cancer awareness campaigns. If you are a regular user of facebook, you might have seen the status updates of some of your female friends. They are colourful; white, back, nude, pink, and … you name it. I refuse to believe that so many women were choosing fun colours for their bra but that is not the point I want to make. Some people find this campaign useless and they can’t see any association between the colour of the bra and its benefit for cancer research. I, on the other hand, have different opinion. The fact that you know people are writing about it, reminds you to do your breast self exam (BSE). I take my two friends everywhere I go but it’s so easy to forget to do my monthly BSE and I am sure that is true for other women as well.

As someone who has been exposed to cancer research and read many research articles about cancer, I have to say that this is a very complex issue. First, the researchers have not uncovered all the reasons that contribute to cancer development. Second the cause of cancer is so varies that finding an ultimate cure for that seems unlikely. But what is possible these days (thanks to cancer research) is the cure for those cases that are diagnosed early. A reminder for BSE or encouragement for having a mammogram has been the best way to increase the rate of survivorship when it comes to breast cancer. Sadly, I do not believe in “To End Breast Cancer” slogan but we should not give up increasing the number of women who fight breast cancer successfully.

Another thing I want to mention is I was surprised by the way some of my Iranian friends reacted to my support to this campaign. If my grandmother would say that I was not supposed to publicly announce the colour of my bra, I would have understood. She belongs to a different generation with different ideas and expectations. But I didn’t expect to be hushed by some of my friends who claim to be very open-minded. They are talking about democracy and freedom of speech in Iran but I am not supposed to write about my bra on Facebook because a good girl does not talk about this sort of stuff publicly. It seems that they are still imprisoned by old traditions. Talking about the colour of your bra does not really make a guy to fancy about you. One of my honest guy friends was saying that these days by the way some women are dressed you can pretty much guess the size, shape, and whatever. Having one additional information does not make that much a difference. I wish some people (men and women) would grow up to realize that breast cancer is not something that you should joke about.

Anyway, whether you have Facebook account or not, whether you like to talk about the colour of your bra or not, do your BSE now and inspect for any lumps. I do wish that no one losses a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, or a friend to breast cancer.

4 January 2010

Another poem by Pablo Neruda

Who loved each other like us? Let us search
for the ancient ashes of the burnt heart
and let our kisses fall there one by one
until the uninhabited flower resurrects.

Let us love the love that consumed its fruit
and descended to earth with a face and power:
you and I are the continuing light,
its unshakable delicate thorn.

To that love buried by so much cold weather,
by snow and spring, by oblivion and autumn,
let us bring close the light of a new apple.

The freshness opened by a new wound,
like the ancient love that walks in silence
through an eternity of buried months.

2 January 2010

"Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way". 

I agree with the second part but what about the first part! My question is, whether there is any happy family out there. My heart is aching for so many people. I need to hear a good news - anything.

1 January 2010

A new formatted computer is like a house after spring cleaning.