30 November 2009


Traveling has always been a passion of mine. Starting today, the last day of each month, I'm going to post a picture of a place that I want to visit someday. It will be sort of my travel wish list. For the month of November, it will be Hallstatt, Austria.

Photo by Nick Csakany

29 November 2009

While my mom is a casual user of facebook, my dad has never used it .We always encouraged him to try it out. He had a user account that my sister set it up for him but he never used it and as a result he couldn't remember his password either. Now he thinks he should learn how to use it, specially the thought of finding old university friends seems to be a good incentive. Anyway, now he has a new account and last night I heard my parents talking about facebook. 
mom to dad: "You used to be my friend".

26 November 2009

"The Poot"

Trailer of "The Poot"; a 2009 documentary about Persian handmade carpet by Elham Asadi.
Selected and screened at Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festivals (IDFA).
Something that I must see.

25 November 2009

Originally uploaded by bcaptured

When a picture speaks for itself.

24 November 2009

The sign says: Science in the City
I say: Seriously! Couldn’t you come up with a catchier title?

23 November 2009

At the Concert

November 2009

On Saturday night, in celebration of historical performances at the university, the music alumni group presented a classical music concert. The music was uplifting and heart-warming. Also, I couldn’t help noticing the elderly gentleman sitting at the far end of the stage, playing the violin. His calm manner and grey hair made me wanted to play too. Sure enough, he was a retired prof.
It was a good night. 

20 November 2009

It takes two to tango.

16 November 2009

How can I escape? How can I be free from my thoughts? Where can I be free from myself?
Why some people lay a guilt trip on others. I think that is the sleaziest strategy out there. I meddled again, somewhere that was not my place but I couldn’t help myself.

15 November 2009


I am so grateful to people who came up with the notion of  'deadline'. Today, it was my deadline for one project which I have started working on (on and off) for over a month. But it was always there, in my mind, bugging me. I am so relieved that is all done now. I am even pleased to see how it turned out. Although my whole weekend was about work (like old times when I was a student) but I have a feeling of satisfaction. Another very busy week a head of me but I am content at this present moment and do not want any negative thoughts spoil that for me.

12 November 2009

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence

I grew up hating my curly hair. Now I have become to realize that the first thing people notice about me when they first meet me is my hair and oftentimes this is what they compliment me on because they do not like their own straight hair.

7 November 2009

Poets and Pahlevans

I know I already talked about Poets and Pahlevans: A Journey Into the Heart of Iran, the book, in another post but I'd like to share this too.

6 November 2009


"Cultures need outlaws to challenge, and push, and prod them into defining and redefining themselves ... ." (Molnar, 1991)

4 November 2009

My day!

This is how I'm feeling right now. I don't know how El Greco felt when he was painting this. But I know exactly how I feel; annoyed, irritated, and upset. Upset with myself and with all those who try to take advantage of me in one way or the other. It has been a while since I have lost focus. I realize that the time is passing me by and I need to be more proactive in every aspect of my life. I have to watch out for myself. If I don't, no one else does. grrr.... 

1 November 2009

Count your age with friends but not with years - Anonymous
and I think whoever said this was referring to the more traditional definition of friends not Facebook friends.