9 October 2009


If everyone’s reaction to Obama winning the Noble Peace prize is WOW!, what that really means?!
It makes me sad to think that even the Nobel Committee is corrupted. If Obama attempted for a world free of nuclear weapons rather than a middle east free of nuclear weapons, I would never ever question his right to receive this prize.
Or talking about a premature decision, how is that possible that you are a president of a country and your country, your army troops are still in war and you are considered for the Noble Peace prize. If the war was ended this year, I would have no complains that he was awarded in 2010.
There will be a lot of "waiting and seeing"*. I want to see what the consequences of this award are internationally. I still hope for a better and safer future worldwide. If that happens (if this prize leads to peace) I will write a letter of apology to the the Nobel Committee.

*From The Cider House Rules.


Behi said...


Parinaz said...

I do agree!
I believe he needed more time to prove himself...

Nader said...

I humbly disagree! I think it was a good decision considering all facts and other 204 nominees. This prize is more a recognition of the effort that people put on electing Obama. People selected a peaceful solution to the current problems rather than war mongering policy of republicans. This is colossal. I agree that it is too early to judge how successful this movement will be but there is no doubt that he has broken a lot of thick ice that existed among nations and has brought hope to the life of many people. We have to wait and see how it develops. Hopefully for the better.

Nazy said...

Salam Daisy Jan:

I think the Nobel Peace Prize this year should have gone to Iranian people for their peaceful and non-violent protests, delightfully surprising and impressing people of the world about their will and their courage.

I have a lot of faith in President Obama, but he hasn't had a chance to do that much about world peace yet. The Nobel Committee is trying to uphold Obama to the promises he made during his campaign and it is also giving kudos to an American leader who is not a warmonger like George Bush was. Even so, Obama needs time to deliver on his promises and in the meantime there were a lot of people in the world (several millions of them in Iran) who actually DID do something for peace this past year. They deserved it more than our friend Mr. Obama.

Let's just hope no new wars are started during Obama's presidency as that would be the ultimate slap on the wrist of the Nobel Committee for jumping the gun and speaking too soon.

My two cents.

Love you Daisy.


Daisy said...

Hey everyone and thank you for your insightful comments. Whether we agreed on this issue or not, I know we are all hoping for a peacful world in future.
I'm just hoping that the President Obama stays friend with Iranian no matter what. His inauguration speech in January was a bit too strong for my teast. I hope he uses his power (and the addtional power he gained by this prize) for good.
Have a wonderful weekend :)