22 October 2009


I'm watching a lot of Frasier lately. It's been one of my favourite shows but I never watch the whole thing. Now I have started from season one. These two brothers with their snobby attitude really crack me up. And then, there is their down to earth father.

Frasier got ride of his father chair because it was old, ugly and it didn't match his apartment decor. Now, he is trying to replace it with something that his father likes. 
Martin Crane (the father): "Okay, I'll tell you what chair I want. I want the chair I was sitting in when I watched Neil Armstrong take his first step on the Moon. And when the US hockey team beat the Russians in the '80 Olympics. I want the chair I was sitting in the night you called me to tell me I had a grandson. I want the chair I was in all those nights, when your mother used to wake me up with a kiss after I'd fallen asleep in front of the television. Y'know I still fall asleep in it. And every once in a while, when I wake up, I still expect your mother to be there, ready to lead me off to bed... Oh, never mind. It's only a chair".


Deep Blue Sea said...

Hello Daisy.
I was just going through your archives and saw some pictures you posted . Did you snap those ? Like the once of Tulips in Ottawa and the one in Florence ? If you did I must say you have really good photography skills.You know the one of Florence from the view point over the entire city with river in the front and the cathedral in background,I tried many snaps but was unable get one so nice as you managed..Although I must say it was unbearably hot when I was there.

Behi said...

Really liked what you shared from Frasier... I only watched some episodes and very randomly from this series and I know it's different when you watch them one by one. I did the same with Friends, first did it randomly but once I started to watch it from the very beginning, I hardly could stop myself from following the whole thing and not once, it was like an addiction :D.

Daisy said...

Hello Deep Blue Sea,

thanks! I think that is the first time someone complemented my photography ;) if I post a photo and don’t specify the source, I took it myself or it’s one of my brother’s shots. He is really good so you would know which ones are his. Those that you mentioned are mine. I believe the picture of Tulips in Ottawa turned out very good because he was with me at that time and gave me instruction on how I could take better pictures. Besides, if you are photographing something as beautiful as flowers, you will take good pictures.
As for the other one; I even forgot I posted two of my pictures from my trip to Florence. It feels like ages ago. I love those pictures because of the memories that are associated with them not the quality of the pictures. I loved Florence. It was one of the nicest European cities I have ever visited and I would love to go back there and stay longer. The weather was nice and it was just prefect. Maybe next time you are there, you might manage to get a picture that you like. ;)

Daisy said...

Behi jan,

In my opinion, Frasier is even better than Friends. It is geared towards more mature audience. I don’t think it would be entertaining for teens at all. And it’s so true; you need to watch it from the beginning to become familiar and addicted to all the characters in the show ;) take care