22 September 2009

Some friends are like sunshine

Dear S,

Today, I found the sweetest surprise in my mail box. As I was reading your gold/green handmade card, I was overwhelmed with joy. Yes, you got the colour right and may I ask how you do remember these things? Thank you so much for the CDs. I loved the pictures. It reminded me of all those good memories. … And I’m going to listen to all the music you sent me and I am sure I will love them all because they are you favourites.
… I know that I am very fortunate to have some people like you as my friends even thought we are miles away from each other but I know we will see each other soon.

miss you,


p.s. This is just part of an email I sent to a friend. I wanted to post it here because it meant a lot to me.


linus said...

I wish it was written to me :D

Daisy said...

Do you mean the card that I received or the email that I wrote to my friend? ;)