10 August 2009


The smell of my sleeping bag reminds me of Shomal.


Anonymous said...

And this post of yours, reminded me of an old song:
"Khaateraate shomaal, mahaale yaadam bere..."


Be happy.

Daisy said...

yadesh bekheir ;)

linus said...

This "khaterate shomaal, mahaale yaadam bere..." is a nightmare for me!

Imagine, I was on my way from home to my Konkoor center (Poly technique Uni.) and I was trying to concentrate and pacify myself but in the taxi, played so loudly the aforementioned song! And God during the whole exam I was muttering " khateraate shomaall...."

Poor me :D

Daisy said...

you should have sung it loudly during the exam so everyone could enjoy ;)