13 August 2009

The Best Moments

I received a silly email today from a good friend. I toyed with the translation a little bit and add some notes [in square brackets] just to be sarcasm since not all applies. According to Charles Chaplin the best moments of one’s life are the following:
  • To laugh your head off [I agree]
  • To see thousands letters after coming back from a vacation [and probably half of them are the bills you have to pay]
  • To go on a vacation to a beautiful place [ I would be happy to go on vacation anytime, anywhere]
  • To listen to your favourite song on the radio [or iPod, TV, computer nowadays]
  • To fall asleep by the sound of the rain [totally agree]
  • To submit your last exam [it depends on how well did you do your exam]
  • To get a phone call from someone you don’t see often but you would like to [or an email or a text] ... I just got a phone call :)
  • To wear the pants that you don’t wear often and find some money in your pocket [ I love when this happens]
  • To laugh for no reason [?]
  • To overhear someone says something nice about you [that probably shows how insecure you are but I am sure everyone is insecure at some level]
  • To wake up and realize you still have a couple of hours to sleep
  • To hear a song that reminds you of someone special
  • To be part of a team [ if you like your teammates]
  • To watch the sunset
  • To make new friends
  • To feel butterflies around someone
  • To spend times with your best friends
  • To see people you love are happy
  • To run into an old friend and see nothing has change between you two [impossible]
  • To take a walk on the beach
  • To fall in love [I can’t argue with that]
  • To hear that someone loves you [to hear that someone misses you]
  • To think of silly/funny things done by your good friends

Well! as I was formatting this post to publish, I got a phone call from 3 friends in Vancouver. It totally changed my mood. Life can be good. I wish everyone all the things listed above.


Nader said...

Nice list and true indeed!

Parinaz said...

I loved some of the items veryyyyyy much! It is as if I wrote some of them from the bottom of my heart !

Thank you Daisy-e-azizam for such a nice post! I enjoyed it to the fullest...

Be happy.

Daisy said...

thanks & thanks.