31 July 2009

I have heard that we do not retain memories associated with pain. We only remember them as unpleasant feelings but not the actual pain. Maybe that is the reason that women go through multiple childbirths although they are painful.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely true!
My mom tells me that everytime she was prognant, she promised herself not to do it again; but after seeing our smiles and growing up, she just liked to try it again!
That's why we are 4 sisters now!

Be happy Daisy-e-azizam.

Nader said...

Interesting! I had not thought about it before.
I think it is because pain is a survival mechanism. If the memory of pain lingered around too long, there would be a danger that new pain would have been missed or not felt as effective. Also, I think one reason is that pain initiates by our senses while our memory comes from saved experience because pain is usually initiated by excitations at the nerve ends. The memory may not be able to exactly replicate the same feeling. Having said that, do we dream about being in pain? I don't know. I cannot remember being in excruciating pain while dreaming. If we dream that we are in pain then it will show that our memory is capable of remembering the pain somehow.

Daisy said...

I always thought you were 2 sisters:)
I have to say the more sisters you have the more blessings. It has been reported that women who have sister(s) are happier than those who don’t (I don’t know the source though- sorry). I can imagine how much fun it was growing up in a house with 4 girls. You can always share cloths, the conversation before going to sleep, and the list continues.

My mom is the only child. She always says that when my sister was born, she was overjoyed by the thought of me having a sister :)
take care Parinaz jonam.

Daisy said...

Nader, that was an interesting interpretation and a nice addition to the point I was trying to make.
I couldn’t think of a time that I dreamed about pain either. I know it's more common to experience fear or annoyance when you are dreaming but I couldn’t think of a painful dream (which I'm very happy about).