2 June 2009

"Need some control over myself"

My morning ritual gets longer every day. It doesn't matter that I'm up at 5:30 in the morning because the seagulls and crows make so much noise that makes it impossible for me to get a decent sleep. Anyway, my ritual starts with checking all 4 email accounts and replaying to those emails that I can't possibly postpone. Then, I have to check the Facebook, leave comments, click on 'like', or etc. Then it comes to reading the blogs. Although, I have finally organized my Google Reader to speed up the process, it takes me a while to go through everything. Then, I have to check some of the job sites for new postings. By the time I'm done, I have to check my emails again...
Then, I look at my watch and a moment of panic strikes.


Anonymous said...

زندگی شاید
یک خیابان درازست که هر روز زنی با زنبیلی از آن می گذرد
زندگی شاید
ریسمانیست که مردی با آن خود را از شاخه می آویزد
زندگی شاید طفلی است که از مدرسه بر میگردد
زندگی شاید افروختن سیگاری باشد در فاصله رخوتناک دو همآغوشی
یا عبور گیج رهگذری باشد
که کلاه از سر بر میدارد
و به یک رهگذر دیگر با لبخندی بی معنی می گوید صبح بخیر
زندگی شاید آن لحظه مسدودیست
که نگاه من در نی نی چشمان تو خود را ویران می سازد
و در این حسی است
که من آن را با ادراک ماه و با دریافت ظلمت خواهم آمیخت

linus said...

خواهی که سخت و سست جهان بر تو بگذرد
بگذر ز عهد سست و سخن‌های سخت خویش

Behi said...

If I add checking balatarin to your list minus job section then this list that you made would be mine! I need that control thing very much as well :).

Azita said...

Your list is somewhat similar to mine starting with checking the emails, reading the news and some blogs, etc. It is a kind of ritual that I can’t live without these days.

Daisy jan, I have to come back to answer your interesting “women and age” post later.

Daisy said...

Parinaz and Shobeir jan,

I loVed the two poems. There were two different points of view and both equally valid. You're right; I should be more generous to myself.


Behi jan, I'm glad I'm not the only one facing this issue. The Internet can be so addictive.


Azita jan , I was hoping you would write me your opinion on that post. I can't wait to read it.