22 June 2009

Silent Scream

The first night that I attended the Silent Scream for Iran, I wondered why they were holding this campaign for ten consecutive nights. Of course, I recognized the impact of this event in respond to the current situation in Iran but I was worried that people would not show up after two or three nights. It was not easy for everyone to commute a long distance to be at the Vancouver Art Gallery for 30 mins.

But very quickly I realized I was wrong. Two nights ago, not more people showed up, there were some people who distributed dates and halva among the crowd. Then last night, there were even more people gathered and you could see more candle lights. It was then that I heard not only the silence but some people crying quietly. I have never been so proud to be an Iranian that I am these days.

18 June 2009

Dark days

It is heartbreaking to see people around the world are involved in wars and they hurt each other but it is devastating to see your own fellow countrymen attack one another. I believe these past few days I have seen enough blood and violence for my lifetime but I am scared by the thought of seeing more. It has been a very distressing week so far. I have never followed the news so closely. Since the war between Iraq and US started, I was worried for a sudden attack of US or other countries to Iran. I never thought this would happen. I never thought my people would be beaten and shot in Iran by their own compatriots, at least not this way. We deserve better than this…

10 June 2009

Look back on...

How often do you go back and read your own blog?
I just did that because I was looking for a post that I never actually wrote but I thought I did! Finally, when I couldn't find it, I gave up and instead I started reading some of my old posts and the comments. It was fun.

6 June 2009

Asking for a sign

I never asked for a sign before because first I don’t really believe in one and second if there is one I won’t be able to recognize it. Here it comes that moment that I was avoiding. I might need to face a situation that requires me to make an important decision. This time I asked for a sign ahead of time because I was in a disparate need for a direction. But I never saw one. I'm just gonna go with my gut feeling. That’s what I am gonna do and pray that it's the right one.

2 June 2009

"Need some control over myself"

My morning ritual gets longer every day. It doesn't matter that I'm up at 5:30 in the morning because the seagulls and crows make so much noise that makes it impossible for me to get a decent sleep. Anyway, my ritual starts with checking all 4 email accounts and replaying to those emails that I can't possibly postpone. Then, I have to check the Facebook, leave comments, click on 'like', or etc. Then it comes to reading the blogs. Although, I have finally organized my Google Reader to speed up the process, it takes me a while to go through everything. Then, I have to check some of the job sites for new postings. By the time I'm done, I have to check my emails again...
Then, I look at my watch and a moment of panic strikes.