17 January 2009

More blah blah

Vancouver Buddhist Temple, 2008- A true calm peaceful place

Today my boss told me that I look calm all the time. I think she meant that as a complement because she added that it was very good to work with people who are calm. I told her that I did not usually show what was going on with me (which is true). Then I said that I did not have any reason to be stressed out (which was not entirely true).

Anyway, this conversation made me wonder about what people may think about other people’s lives and circumstances just by the way they react daily. Life has ups and downs and all of us are going through the same thing at some level / at some point. No one has the prefect life. I always pity jealous people. Not only they think superficially but they self-pity themselves for not having the life of others. It seems that they are in a bubble. Completely absorbed in their own lives that blinded them to see beyond what is really there. Jealousy will also lead to miss any good thins that happens with them. We should hold on to what we have now at this moment and do not take our fortune for granted.

I am not talking about my boss. She was only the one who made me start thinking. I do not know her well to really know what type of person she is.

15 January 2009


I was always impressed with the way Japan and Japanese people have advanced in different aspects of science and technology. I have always justified their success by hard work, successful management, and calculated planning. Above all, I have considered them as the intelligent nation. These factors are all important and somewhat accurate. They follow well designed, efficient systems in any sector and at any level they work. These systems have already laid out for them by people who knew what they were doing.

Recently, I have learned something knew about following systems. They prevent you from thinking and kill your creativity. A friend who used to work in Japan a while ago told me a story. He said when you ask a Japanese person how to make a hard-boiled egg, s/he might say “bring 2 cups of water to a full boil for 10min; add 1 tea spoon salt; add the egg; and ...” now if you ask s/he if you have boiled water how do you make a hard boiled egg, s/he might say “you leave the water to get cold, then bring 2 cups of it to a boil for 10min and...”.

7 January 2009

The 2009 list

I was debating with myself on what to write as my first post in 2009. If I wanted to write about my current mood and what was exactly going on with me, it would have been too depressing. Since I am not intended to depress anyone and I am hopeful that everything will be okay in the near future, I have decided to share something about my 2009 list that I finally finished writing it last night.

Number 18 in my list is “to go scuba-diving and snorkelling at least once in my life” and number 19 is “to write my blog more regularly”. The rest of it is more personal or about all the places I want to travel one day which I won’t bored you with details.