10 November 2008

another post without a title

There is old Iranian saying that "when you are out of your mind, you torture yourself" [vaghti aghel nabashad, jaan dar azab ast]. Well, it was the other day that I went to the gym because I want(ed) to loss weight, live healthier, and bla-bla-bla... . Anyway I went to the gym and enjoyed my workout. When I came out, I went to McDonald’s to get a burger. What is going on with me??

8 November 2008

She says that she suggested online dating to her dad. He is now engaged to this lady that he met online. I asked her how she feels about it and she says that she is happy for his dad because she has not seen him so happy for a long time. However, she is worried that she has to break the news to her mom. They have been spit up for over 10 years now. But she knows her mom will be devastated.

Although I was curious, I didn't ask what went wrong that caused them to break up. I thought if she wanted to elaborate on that she would. I thought her parents are lucky individuals; her dad for having her support and her mom to have such a caring daughter.

This is so different than what some Iranian would like to accept. I remember a friend of family who got married after her husband died. There were all sorts of resentment against her specially from her children. It would be nice to support everyone for their life choices; whatever that might be. One might want to move on and the other one would never be ready to get over what s/he had.