30 October 2008

A drop of sun

Vancouver, October 2008

When I was in Ottawa, I used to pass by a Tanning & Body Salon called "A drop of Sun" every day. I always thought what a waste of name. If something is named “a drop of sun”, it has to make people smile, like this truck!

p.s. I've so much to write here but I don't have time.

25 October 2008

A leatherback sea turtle- photo by Martin Dee- From here.

I like this photo for no particular reason other than nature is fascinating.

16 October 2008

While I was studying and listening to this, I found this picture and the source is from here.

13 October 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

The 2008 turkey

Tomorrow is the Canadian Thanksgiving but I had my party tonight. My friend Neda and I successfully cooked 14lb turkey today. Everything went well and the turkey was prefect or as Neda likes to say it was delicious- crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Everyone had a good time and my guests of honour, my sister and her husband, came too. I was so worried for this turkey to not come out well. I'm happy that everything went well and it's over. Now it's too late to upload a photo here and I'm very tired. I'll post a picture later.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

9 October 2008

The 9th Anniversary

As the sun sets, it will be nine years since I left my birthplace. While it seems a long time ago, it is not that long either. I do not have a clear memory of all those days that flew by so fast. All the details are somehow fuzzy. So much has happened and so much has changed. The stress of those early days has long gone and replaced by other types of uncertainties. I guess that is the nature of life. No one knows about the future and what will happen eventually. At least I think I am in peace with myself (most of the time). I consider this as a blessing since I have never been easy on myself- like most of the people I know. At least I like where I am and I love the fact that I am surrounded by so many wonderful people.

I used to dislike immigration, all aspects of it; the strange feeling of homesickness, being away from people I love, and the pain of being a foreigner in a strange land. By the time I got used to my adapted country, adjusted to new environment, and found new friends, I realized that I no longer belong to any place. That is what immigration does to you. Sometimes you have to compromise to adapt. If my non-Iranian friends are talking about their favourite childhood cartoons, I have to sit back and listen. On the other hand, when I am among my newly arrived Iranian friends, I am puzzled by what Barbardeh is. But should this be an issue? Does it really matter that I believe it is not accurate to write down a name of a city as my hometown on Facebook? As Nazy says I like to think “I am a citizen of this planet”. Why should geographical boundaries matter so much?

I have been exposed to so many different cultures. I have experienced some of them in depth. I am happy to see myself as someone who has the ability to communicate and interact with different people independent of their ethnic backgrounds and their nationalities. When I see someone, I see a person. I do not see their skin/hair colour, etc.

8 October 2008

To all FARSI bloggers, I pat you on the back!

According to the Technorati report (2006), "English and Japanese remain the two most popular languages in the blogosphere. …Chinese remains at number three, and Farsi (spoken in Iran and Afghanistan) has moved into the top 10 languages of the blogosphere”.

4 October 2008

No woman No cry

No woman No cry by Bob Marley.
Lately, I'm in the mood for Bob Marley’s songs.

I had such a busy week, starting from last Friday. For the first time in my schooldays, I sacrificed my study to socialize. It was very enjoyable-some more than the others. Then the reality kicked in. I had to submit two assignments. I realized that I totally underestimate how much time I needed to actually finish one of them. When we were discussing the assignment in the class, my professor, who I really admire for her teaching method, said “this assignment is a gift from me to you guys…”. I didn't know you can be so troubled by a gift. I should send her a thank you note. Also should mention that next time please let me pick my own gift.

Anyway, I should be smarter in my time management. I don't want to miss anymore work and my classes, and then lock myself up in my room for 24 hrs because I'm trying to catch up with my assignments and the projects that are piling up.