22 July 2008

Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia!

I've been waiting for Mamma Mia!, the movie, for so long. Unfortunately, I've never seen the play. I know the movie can’t replace it but it is better than nothing. I'll be watching it tonight :D

20 July 2008

In the corner of the street

ByWard Market, Ottawa, July 2008

Every time I've seen him, he was drawing a different picture in the same spot. I think every time when he finishes his drawing, he wipes it away to start a new one the next day. I wish the city would hire him. So he would draw on different walls and his beautiful works would stay permanently.

13 July 2008

Heart Matters (Final Paragraph)

"My father didn't like music and never expressed an opinion on opera. But he made me feel that I was entitled to go, that I could arrive there from out tiny apartment, to wear the red dress, to eat the ice cream. And I have. Which is what he intended. Which is what he dreamed for me".

11 July 2008

Chasing love

Last night as I was watching an interview with Leonard Cohen, he said something interesting. I don't remember the exact wording but he said “As you get older, you become lonelier, and you need a deeper love.”

That is so accurate. God knows how many times I've heard from elderly relatives that you should not wait too long to get married because you become too meticulous. Maybe they are somewhat right but I think the truth is that as you get older and wiser you base your decisions on logic rather than your emotion. You know yourself better and what you are looking for in your future partner. You don't fall in love easily. One small smile or attention from the other person doesn't make you fall for him/her. You become immune to “love at first sight”. I feel safer and hope that other single people out there feel the same way and not feel the pressure that they have to get married. I hope they ignore the social/ cultural expectations that the community imposes on us.

In Hearth matters, I read, in the 60s, people believed that you as a woman will get married, become a teacher, or none of the above and you stay single and miserable. (I don’t remember the page. I will look it up and post it here later). A lot has changed since then and it will continue changing by us everywhere.

3 July 2008

This one will pass too,,,

Thank God for someone name Mom. When you are desperate, you can call her even after 5 min when you just hanged up. Then you can talk and cry your eyes out.

This one will past too. Similar to anything else, good or bad, beautiful or ugly, easy or tough, it will pass. I want to leave it behind me very soon.