27 June 2008

Heart Matters (Part 2)

A Word of Advice from Adrienne Clarkson's Mother

Adrienne Clarkson did not think highly about her mother for several reasons but she mentioned this that her mother always advised her "Marry the man who loves you; don't marry the man you love." page 56- Heart Matters

I wish she would elaborate more on it since her first marriage caused her a lot of unhappiness.

To be continued...

23 June 2008

From a cat to arguments

- I heard one of my roommates saying kindly “what are you doing here? You don’t live here.” Suddenly I heard the other one screaming. Apparently the window balcony was opened and the neighbour’s cat got in. It was the friendliest cat ever. He didn't want to leave. We had to carry him outside and he would come back immediately. I'm wondering why he got so confused to come into our apartment by mistake.

- Argument can be a start of a fight, discussion, art, or dance. It all depends on your cultural background and what is the purpose and goal behind it. Whether it is for confrontation, learning new things, developing a discussion, or sharing different point of views, you might feel differently about arguments. Some people consider avoiding argument as a sign of politeness. Some might regard it as not have the courage to say what you think and believe, or you are being diplomatic.

I know this post is totally random. I wanted to write about the first one since this morning and the second one was the last discussion I had today.

22 June 2008

Heart Matters

I am reading the book “Heart Matters”, the autobiography of Adrianne Clarkson, the first Chinese Canadian woman who was appointed as Governor General. Even though I have not finished the book yet, I am enjoying it very much, that I have to write about it right now and possibly in more than one post.

Her intelligence and wittiness is remarkable in every chapter of this book. Her honesty through out her writing is truly moving. Similarly to anyone else, she has to overcome or pass so many battles in her life to get as far as she have gotten.

Her perspective on life, culture, literature, and even languages is very enlightening. She was born in China and raised in a Chinese family. Although her family does not represent an usual Chinese family but she definitely made a wonderful job analyzing them and comparing them with Canadian families.

I am living in a multicultural society which Chinese community shapes most of it. Reading this book was very eye opening in the sense that I can evaluate the extent of my knowledge about Chinese culture, which does not go further than Chinese food and bubble teas, unfortunately. On page 34, she writes “I realized that the deep-rooted sense of Chinese identity was such that foreign encroachments or displacement to a foreign country mattered very little.” “… if you have one drop of Chinese blood you are Chinese. This sense of strength and identification and belonging is very different from the European idea of race...”

Later on when she moves to France, she has more amusing insight about French culture as well. But what I found the most interesting was her point of view about different languages. On page 97, I read “...language is about communicating the essence of civilization.” I had never thought of language as the way she puts it. The way French was imposed on me while I was living in Quebec, did not make me any good. I did learn French but lack of interest and practice cost me to forget almost everything I learnt. If I had read this book earlier, I would have been more enthusiasm learning French and not simply think of it as the way of communicating and getting a job.

To be continued...

The light that shines for eternity

Chris De Burgh and Arian Band - The Words 'I Love You'

17 June 2008

How is Ottawa like?

  • It takes you approximately 15 min by bus to get to anywhere you want (I haven't notice whether the traffic affects that).
  • You can visit all the interesting sites in one day just by walking around.
  • If you are sitting in the Starbucks having a hot chocolate in downtown Ottawa after 7pm, don't count on seeing anyone around.
Ottawa offers you an adventurous life and I'm not even one of those who like to do crazy things. I'm not complaining. I just had a very funny conversation with my friend about living in Ottawa. This is just to remind myself that I don't want to come back here.