11 February 2008

The Weekend

My eventful weekend is ended. I had a lot of fun by seeing my sister again. Also discovering, she was reading my blog all this time and I didn't have any clue. I'm happy that I didn't write anything against her here :)
The most interesting thing about this weekend was the Chinese New Year celebration and watching the Dragon Parade. I need to do some serious research on that- how Chinese people celebrate the New Year and what all those ceremonies symbolize the start of a new year. However, I won't get to this for now because I have a very busy week a head of me.

Vancouver, the City of Glass, February 2008-I can 't get any credit for this picture because it wasn't I who took it.

1 February 2008

No title

You know those people you have the most impossible stories/ideas/beliefs. You listen to them and listen to them – out of courtesy and the fact that you think of yourself as an open-minded person. You think lets see what he/she is talking about maybe,,, . So they go on and on and try to change your mind, give you a lesson, or educate you. They also know themselves as the most open-minded people alive to be able to come up with these sorts of stuff. Then when it's you turn to reciprocate and talk about your opinion, they just shut you up.
The fact is that I'm done listening and I really don't want to talk either.