27 November 2007

I need to have a root canal therapy :(

9 November 2007

La Casa Gelato

A wonderful ice-cream shop with 218 different flavours ice-cream is in Vancouver. You better not choose vanilla or chocolate flavour because you can have other kinds from hot Wasabi to Akbar Mashti ice-cream flavour or anything you name it. I was very excited too see Akbar Mashti in the menu. I didn't try the Wasabi but other Japanese and tropical flavours were delicious.

Visit: http://www.lacasagelato.com/

8 November 2007

Power Outage

Two nights ago, there was a power outage in my place for 2 hours. I had so much to do that I couldn't wait for the power to come back. I was sitting in front of my laptop and a big candle next to me doing my school project. I found that so ironic while I was praying for the power to come. Reminded me of the time when people used to read under candle light and write with feather and ink. Here I was in 2007, in front of a computer, doing the same thing. Thank God for the electricity.