8 July 2007

Acrylic paints on fabric

Finally, I’ve finished it. It’s all done. It doesn’t look good though because I couldn’t remember what sort of plan I had for it. When I start a painting, usually, in my own thought, I have the complete image of finish work. Since I started this work 9 years ago, that image was disappeared. My paints were all dry and I had to buy new ones. Besides, I haven’t used a brush for over 9 years now; so I have lost my touch a little bit. I’ll get there again. My hand and eyes will develop the same skill they had 9 years ago. I’m planning to not stop painting again.

7 July 2007

My Previous Address

I used to blog in this address: Daisyflower. Due to different problems I had, I decided to continue blogging here.